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Each day, CorePower Yoga instructors share their passion and knowledge in the studio. But when the rapidly expanding national chain wanted to educate current and future students outside their four serene walls, they came to us to develop their podcast program.

CorePower Yoga Podcast LogoEach month, Drive Channel produces an “Asana of the Month” video podcast, breaking down a single posture into digestible bites, and an “Ask a Yogi” audio podcast, which answers the most frequently asked yoga questions.

Launched in August 2008, the CorePower Yoga podcast is one of the top ten most popular yoga podcasts on iTunes and is approaching the program’s 1,000,000th download. Namasté.

Holly Georgelos, Marketing Director
Holly Georgelos, Marketing Director CorePower Yoga
The team at Drive Channel Creative successfully captured the essence of the CorePower Yoga brand in the production of our original podcasts. Now, one of the ten most popular yoga podcasts on iTunes, our podcasts have enhanced our online presence and allowed people to experience our brand in new ways.

The guidance and experience from Drive Channel Creative was essential in the success of our web strategies.

Ask a Yogi Audio Podcasts

Ask a Yogi LogoIn this excellent example of a CorePower Yoga “Ask a Yogi” podcast, veteran CPY yoga instructor Heather Peterson answers the common question about yoga and flexibility, and whether or not it’s necessary to have flexibility when you begin a yoga practice.

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Asana of the Month Video Podcasts

We all wish we had a private yoga instructor, but CPY “Asana of the Month” videos are the next best thing.

In this video, learn how to achieve Bakasana, or “Crow” pose, a playful arm balance and inversion. Don’t worry, it took us a few tries, too!