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Social Media Marketing

Social Media iconsWe believe in the power of the Internet to connect people. Just as it can bring together long lost friends or relatives, the Internet can connect your company or organization with people who are passionate about your product or cause.

The caveat? No one wants to talk to your company. They want to talk to an authentic, friendly human being who cares about their wants and needs. If you are serious about social media marketing, you must be prepared to become friends with your customers first.

The good news? We know how to make friends! In fact, we have experience running social media marketing campaigns for companies large and small, and have built our own GearGiveaway365 project into web’s #1 source for musical instrument giveaways with nearly 15,000 subscribers.

With our Social Media Canvas service, we will set up (or upgrade) your social media profiles using best practices and cutting-edge apps. We can also help you jump start an existing social media program and offer complete social media management services.

Contact us today and we’ll show you how to use social media to make more friends!

Social Media Canvas

Complete Profile Set-up –Your toolbox for talking, and listening, online.

  • Expand your brand! We will take your branding (logo, colors, typefaces), and spread it across the social web.

  • Each Social Media Canvas project includes the set-up of a blog, Facebook Page, and Twitter profile. Other profiles (YouTube, LinkedIn, ect.) can be set up on an a la carte basis.

  • One mouth, two ears, right? We will build a custom social media monitoring dashboard for your team. Know instantly when your organization is mentioned online, and keep tabs on the competition and your industry’s hot trends.

Social Media Canvas

Your Blog — your organization’s social home base.

  • We will create and customize your new blog using either or Tumblr (depending on which suits your organization best).

  • Your blog will be integrated with social media, so your readers can share your content across the web.

  • Easy subscriptions! Your readers will be able to subscribe to your content through your “blog to email” zero-maintenance notification system or, for the more tech-savvy, your blog’s RSS feed.

Social Media Canvas

Facebook & Twitter — your ticket to the social party.

  • We will pimp your Facebook Page with a custom profile pic, Welcome tab, and custom apps to automatically pull your content (blog, Twitter, etc) into Facebook.

  • Have a little something for the people? We can help you reward those who like your page (and only these people) with exclusive content, dramatically raising your “like” conversions.

  • We will install a custom background on your Twitter profile and make sure it is set up to attract the maximum number of followers.

Social Media Canvas

Listen Up! Eavesdrop without being creepy.

  • Through HootSuite and other social apps, you’ll know immediately when someone mentions your organization or product online.

  • What if the tone is negative? Inject yourself into the issue quickly to prevent a social media flare up.

  • Find conversations about your industry and interact with potential customers.

Need More? We can help! Contact us today to talk about our full social media management services, including Facebook Ad Management.