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WordPress Site Design

WordPress LogoThe web is empowering, so why don’t you have the power to update your website? The days of static “brochure” websites are over. So are the long lead times and high hourly rates each time you need to make a small change to your site.

To compete today, you need a website that is attractive, frequently updated with engaging information, and integrated with social media. A Drive Channel Creative designed WordPress website puts the power in your hands to create content, engage your audience, and turn readers into customers.

For examples of WordPress websites we’ve developed, please check out our portfolio, or peruse the fancy image gallery below.

All WordPress designed websites include:

  • Easy to update backend If you can create a Word document, you can update and create new pages in WordPress.
  • Integrated blog The power is in your hands to post news, photos, podcasts, and more.
  • Email Subscriptions Your WordPress site will be integrated with Google’s Feedburner “blog to email” newsletter system (premium MailChimp eNewsletter set-up is also available)
  • Social Media Integration Your readers can easily find your social media profiles, and with one click can share your content with their friends.
  • Search Engine Optimization We will build your WordPress website with your desired keywords and submit your website to all major search engines for indexing.
  • Site Analytics Your WordPress website will be set up with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. Have instant access to invaluable info about who is viewing your site, where it ranks in Google Search, and which other websites are linking to you.

Why do we design with WordPress?

  • Adding simple updates to your website should be in your hands, not your web developer’s. WordPress makes it easy.

  • If you can edit a Word document, you can update and create new content in WordPress.

  • All of our WordPress websites include a blog section, so you can keep your customers updated with news, videos, and event information.

Why do we design with WordPress?

  • Your WordPress website will come stocked with features such as the Facebook “Like” button and Twitter “Tweet” button, so your customers can share your content with their social networks.

  • If you have a presence on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube, we will include obvious yet non-intrusive links so people can interact with your where they feel more comfortable.

  • Each WordPress website comes installed with a free blog to email newsletter service, so your readers will automatically be notified whenever you post new content.

Why do we design with WordPress?

  • All of our WordPress websites come installed with the tools to search engine optimize your site for desired keywords.

  • Before we build your WordPress website, we can research the most relevant keywords and help you optimize your content for search.

  • A direct line to Google! Whenever new content is added to your WordPress site, it will automatically alert Google and other search engines with a request to include the new page in their search results.

Why do we design with WordPress?

  • WordPress powers millions of websites which are read by tens of millions of people every day.

  • You want names? How about CNN, Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong Foundation, the NFL, Harvard University, Kim Kardashian, and the New York Times. Impressed?

  • Because WordPress developers are continuously updating their product, your WordPress website will be secure from hackers and spammers.

Why do we design with WordPress?

  • WordPress is an open source project, which means there are hundreds of people all over the world working on it (more than most commercial platforms).

  • Because WordPress is open source, installing the software is free (including updates for life), and you will never have to pay a license fee.

  • The community of WordPress developers also offer thousands of “plugins,” which can add extra features to your website (video, polls, multimedia galleries) for free.